2011 Predictions for the Analytics Industry

Marco Santambrogio, 16/12/2010
  • With even modest economic growth in 2011, the use of analytics as a competitive differentiator in selected industries will explode.
  • The gap between analytical innovators and those who do not invest in analytics will widen in high-profile ways.
  • The roles of marketing, sales, human resources, IT management, and finance will continue to be transformed by the use of analytics in 2011.
  • 15 Chief Analytics Officers (CAOs) will be appointed in 2011.
  • The availability of strong business-focused analytical talent will be the greatest constraint on organizations’ analytical capabilities in 2011.
  • Database capacity, processor speeds, and software enhancements will continue to drive even more sophisticated applications of analytics in 2011.
  • Newer analytical methods in the areas of text analytics, survival mining, time series mining, net-lift modeling, and data visualization will grow in use in 2011.
  • Consolidation of analytics software players will continue; entry of specialized analytics software and service providers will accelerate.
  • Regulatory and privacy constraints will continue to hamper growth of marketing analytics.

Marco Santambrogio

Founder and Managing Director

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