9 Data Requirements for Advanced Analytics

Marco Santambrogio, 12/01/2011

SAS, Netezza e Teradata sponsored this very usefull White-paper on 9 key success factors for a Business Intelligence project.

1. Use advanced analytics to discover relationships and anticipate the future

2. Scale up data integration to handle large analytic data volumes

3. Realize that reporting and analytics have different purposes and needs

4. Distinguish between data warehouses, data marts, and analytic databases

5. Design a data warehouse architecture that accommodates analytics

6. Prepare data to meet the needs of the analytic method you’ve chosen

7. Preserve analytic data’s rich details, because they enable discovery

8. Improve data after working with it, not before

9. Apply the products of advanced analytics to BI and DW activities

Fonte: TDWI

download pdf, 762 Kb

Marco Santambrogio

Founder and Managing Director

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