Retailing: 10 Trends

Marco Santambrogio, 25/10/2010

NIELSEN ha individuato i 10 principali trends del Retailing in USA (Retail 2015 predictions): possono essere utili spunti di riflessione anche per l’Italia.


  1. Mass supercenters and e-commerce will be the big winners.
  2. Low and high-end grocery stores will grow share.
  3. Pet stores and dollar stores will grow.
  4. Retail consolidation: the big will get bigger.
  5. Smart phones will be the primary enabler of shopper engagements.
  6. Store formats will evolve: new formats, smaller stores, pop-up retailing to accelerate.
  7. Anywhere in-store check outs to replace self check-out and open floor space.
  8. In-store kiosks, digital media and holograms to interact with shoppers.
  9. Demise of traditional consumer age and gender targets as technology enables seamless view across languages and ethnic/generational groups with links to purchase and usage behavior
  10. Evolving U.S. demographics have major impacts

Marco Santambrogio

Founder and Managing Director



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