Distribution Channel

We offer consultancy, analysis, research, data, technology and operative services to help our customers take an objective, rational approach to:

  • trade marketing policies
  • trade rationalisation/development

To put it briefly: facts and data. From strategy through to operations.

We work with

Marketing management, Commercial and sales management, Wholesale managers, Trade marketing management, Network development management, Area manager

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Trade marketing policies

How can I establish differentiated trade marketing activities?
Which store should I choose to launch a new product/service?
How can I estimate turnover for the different segments and/or stores?

For production companies, distribution is no longer a simple intermediary between production and consumption, but the key customer in achieving business objectives. VALUE LAB has prepared a specific approach to better meet demands connected with trade marketing policies.

Trade rationalisation/development

How can I choose individual distributors/stores?
What market shares and coverage is there in the different channels?
How can I rationalise the distribution to increase efficiency?

VALUE LAB enables decisions relating to trade development and rationalisation to be broached taking a rational, objective approach.

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