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We can offer consultancy, analysis, research, data, technology and operative services to help take an objective, rational approach when dealing with the following areas:

  • CRM
  • fidelity and community programmes
  • direct marketing
  • flyers and local marketing

To put it briefly: facts and data. From strategy through to operations.

We work with

Marketing management, IT management, Communication management, Fidelity card managers, CRM managers, Customer database managers, Customer care and contact centre managers, Direct marketing managers, Market research and Study offices management

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Fidelity and community programmes

How can I affect the re-acquisition/abandonment process?
How can I get to know and segment customers?
How can I identify the customers with the highest potential?

VALUE LAB supports the design and development of fidelity programmes and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) projects with modular services created to meet specific customer needs.


How can I manage information on customers?
How can I organise more effective marketing campaigns?
How can I encourage cross-selling and up-selling?

VALUE LAB has prepared a CRM method by which to gain customer fidelity with targeted initiatives and communications, at the same time as increasing the information on their customers in terms of behaviour, reaction to marketing actions and consumption.

Direct marketing

How can I find new customers?
How can I gain customer fidelity?
How can I recover customers if abandoned?

Knowledge of the customer is key to the success of direct marketing initiatives. On the basis of this assumption, VALUE LAB has developed an integrated, modular approach by which to optimise direct marketing campaigns.

Flyers and local marketing

What is the best way to distribute sales outlet flyers?
How and where should I disclose the opening of a new store?
How can I target the communication campaigns to specific customer segments?

VALUE LAB enables its customers to optimise local marketing activities, selecting the areas inhabited and attended by target individuals. Local communications, even if not named, become focused.

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