Point of Sale

We help you take a rational, objective approach in making decisions relating to:

  • Store management and traffic
  • Network rationalisation/development
  • Opening of a new store

offering consultancy, analysis, research, data, technology and operative services.

We work with

Network development management, Marketing management, Communication management, Sales and commercial management

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Traffic and management

How can I increase traffic in my store?
How can I evaluate the performance of my store?
How can I define commercial objectives?

VALUE LAB offers concrete support in making strategic choices and operatively managing a store or network..

Network rationalisation/development

How can I restructure the network, rationalising it?
Where should I focus development of new store?
How can I establish exclusive zones?

To better meet the needs relating to network development or rationalisation, VALUE LAB has prepared a concrete, integrated, modular approach - the result of the combination of tools and experience.

Opening of new stores

How can I reduce the risk of a new opening?
What can I expect by way of turnover for the new store?
How can I choose between two different addresses for a new store?

To better meet the demands relating to a new opening, VALUE LAB has prepared a concrete, integrated, modular approach, the result of a combination of data, technologies and sophisticated statistical models (gravitational and regression).

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