We help customers make strategic and operative decisions, taking a rational, objective approach. "Facts and data" in support of decisions.

In the marketing, sales and retail areas, we offer differentiated consultancy services:

  • problem solving: to cope with a problem or make the most of a business opportunity
  • methodological: to introduce advanced management systems, managing the change process
  • process: operative flanking, counselling, coaching, part-time management
  • technological: to find your path and choose in the complex, evolving world of Information Technology
  • legal: to maximise business opportunities in compliance with the legislative framework (e.g. privacy)


Extreme specialisation and multi-year focus

  • "Actionable" consultancy: we provide the data and tools to implement it
  • Rigour and methodological update guaranteed by the "organic relations" with the academic world
  • Inter-disciplinary approaches, models and know-how
  • Cross-over fertilisation between different sectors and between industry and distribution
  • Knowledge of best practices in marketing, sales and retailing, because we work with leading companies in the various sectors
  • We know and manage the whole chain of a sector, starting from the consumer and through to distribution and industry.
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