Information Technology

We help businesses to use information technology in a targeted manner to achieve their business objectives. Technology is a means, not an end in itself.

  • We make best use of existing technology in a business, before suggesting further developments or investments
  • We recommend the technology offering the best value for money, often one step ahead of market trends
  • We adhere to market standards and suggest leading solutions also with a view to helping the business develop independently
  • We have a thorough knowledge of all solutions proposed, as we use them internally for analysis, or have specifically developed them ourselves
  • We are partners and not retailers of the software vendors, thereby guaranteeing that the business makes the best possible choice , without being subject to pressure or distortion brought about by the need to guarantee commercial objectives

System integration projects

We integrate management and IT skills to provide the company with analytical and managerial solutions dedicated to marketing, CRM, sales and retailing.


VALUE LAB makes specialised competences, technological infrastructures and consolidated processes available to any businesses wishing to outsource IT process management

Geomarketing Software

VALUE LAB has developed excellent geomarketing solutions. We can offer a complete suite of programs enabling the geographic analysis of data and its transformation into information useful to making strategic operative decisions.

GIS software

We offer the world standard in GIS technology.

Sales force automation software

We offer solutions to optimise sales force management.

CRM software

We have chosen excellent partners in order to offer the very best Customer Intelligence and CRM solutions.

Statistics software

We have chosen an excellent partner in order to offer the best statistics and data mining solutions.

Data quality software

VALUE LAB has developed a range of software to guarantee the reliability of data and optimise customer relations.
The software manages all stages of data processing: standardisation, georeferencing, geocoding, enrichment and map positioning..
We have implemented the updated postcodes established by the Italian postal service (constantly updated) in all standardisation solutions.

Business intelligence software

We offer a complete suite of Business Intelligence programs to analyse data and transform it into information useful to making business decisions. Business intelligence solutions to understand the past, monitor the present and predict future results.

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