Lists and Data

We know and use data to help managers make decisions, taking a rational, objective approach.


  • In twenty years of business, we have developed meta-competence on sources of information
  • We know Italian and foreign sources of information and entertain successful relations with local providers
  • We operate as information provider or information broker, depending on the type of lists and data
  • We also provide forecast data to assist with business choices aimed at managing the future (e.g. opening of a new sales outlet)
  • We provide both summary and precise data, as well as statistics and lists (people, businesses, sales outlets) by which to manage operations following a decision
  • We constantly verify, supplement and enrich the data, working with hundreds of customers
  • We do not simply collect primary data and information, rather we process it, using GIS and statistical instruments, models and approaches
  • We are pragmatic in identifying and proposing proxy variables if the data sought does not exist or is unavailable, too expensive or insufficiently up-to-date or reliable
  • We know how to select, organise and manage data to provide the greatest value for the decision-making process, because we provide analysis and consultancy services



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