How Big Data change and shape customer strategy

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Managing and analyzing large amount of data, both structured and non-structured, has rapidly become a strategic priority for companies. Tremendous opportunities for cost reduction and optimization on the one hand, and revenue enhancement and data monetization on the other are accessible to early adopters of Big Data.

Big Data are a cross phenomenon as they will affect different industries and several functions: from banking to luxury, from supply chain to sales & marketing.

Marketing and sales are especially interested in Big Data as they enable powerful opportunities concerning customer intelligence, strategy, interaction and experience management.

Big Data will allow leading edge firms in leaping and getting closer to the vision of selling the “right product” to the “right customer” at the “right time” on the “right place”.



The course is aimed at managers (CEO, CMO, CSO, COO, CIO etc.) interested in understanding how Big Data can help their companies in increasing the top line by better knowing and managing the customer base


  • What are Big Data and how can they be managed?
  • Main opportunities enabled by Big Data?
  • Big Data analytics – from the business issue to the hidden part of the problem:
  1. How to enhance customer performances with customer journey analytics and moments exploitation
  2. How to stimulate cross-selling and drive merchandising strategy
  3. How to prevent customer churn / how to stimulate retention
  4. How to optimize retail network effectiveness


The course will provide the basis to understand the phenomenon of Big Data from the top-line exploitation standpoint, presenting real-life success cases and allowing attendee to grasp a clear vision on how to decline a Big Data strategy in their companies


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